I’m such as the real old hag within this matchmaking


I’m such as the real old hag within this matchmaking

req: Good morning baby, must i charge you an enthusiastic ateez response (99 lining to 2000 range) when someone says to its girlfriend(s) they are too-old in their eyes (she’s 98 liner)

a/n: the way i squealed around simply because anon titled me personally baby is merely downright embarassing jdjdjdjdj anyways beloved anon we altered they a little and you will didn’t specify this variation due to the fact we have all another type of concept of what is actually ‘too old’ and i also desired to include hwa & joong also,, promise that you don’t attention! ??


Due to their picture, fans was basically very certain that he’d never decide for a woman which had been avove the age of he was and so the reports out of your dating him showed up as a shock to everyone. Since you had asked, brand new statements and you can tweets you’re becoming tagged when you look at the had been smaller than simply lovely, many emphasizing your age.

When you showed men and women statements so you’re able to Seonghwa, he would simply pull you down to take a seat on their lap and take your mobile phone from you, revealing each post that produced you become as you was in fact quicker worthy of their love.


Hongjoong had brought your back for children event whenever one of his true more youthful good way cousin had been talking-to your informally providing you used to be definitely going are younger than Hongjoong. Whenever Hongjoong had informed his cousin that you were actually older as compared to they both, his cousin had commented, “oh damn sibling, why do you go for an older lady?” in advance of swiftly leaving your own side to catch with other household members. he’d told you it adore it designed only your couldn’t end considering it the whole nights.

“What Minjoon said has been bothering your?” Hongjoong requested, standing on the boundary of your own common bed seeing you undress to have a shower.

“Not at all. And i think Personally i think more comfortable being me personally because the you’re more mature, I’m sure you could incorporate all the edges off myself”


Once you got admitted to your sibling that you are currently relationships Yunho, she got looked down and you will remarked, “You’re too-old to possess your!He will cheating on you with a young lady you to big date in the event that he’s not currently….” Your didn’t genuinely believe that your own aunt might possibly be thus unsupportive of your own relationship with Yunho and you can wound up sobbing so you’re able to him about this.

“You think I am too young to you personally? Or I am not saying ‘reliable’ and you may ‘mature’ such as old guys are?” Yunho got questioned straight back, wiping the rips aside together with his flash.


Your friends was basically out for supper if the thing out-of tall other people came up so that you showed that you’re matchmaking Yeosang. Perhaps it had been out-of jealousy (comprehending that her review it located him extremely attractive) however they come claiming such things as “oh get real, i females must always go for old boys until i’ve the cash to possess botox”

once you had returned to their mutual flat to yeosang starting a face mask, you couldn’t help however, start ranting on which your buddies got told you and inquiring in the event the he did not like that you were earlier.

yeosang create laugh and you can tease you in an effort to build they less serious, “frankly a good section brought up from the them…..but that fact won’t change even although you was indeed 10 years young. But that’s and additionally because I am Kang Yeosang so…..what’s the real disease right here, love?”

Identical to Seonghwa, of numerous fans considered that he would go for a young lady on account of how much cash he likes to care for other people. Thus similarly, when the dating news showed up, many younger fans got kept mean statements to your ages.

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